Simeon Vasilev

Bulgarian language


My name is Simeon Vasilev. During the last 4 years I have been teaching both children and adults. Until recently I have been working on developing English language skills for adults and children between 7 and 14 years old and between February and May I teach Bulgarian to adults and children from Sweden, Norway and Poland. Last year I resigned my job as a teacher from grade A1 to grade B2 this n order to enrol myself into a Masters degree in International and comparative education in the University of Stockholm. Currently I study Educational philosophy and alternative educational methods including outside of the classroom education. I have a variety of interests: I like to spend time outside but I also like to sit in front of the computer. In the city my favourite places are the library and the basketball field. What brings me greatest satisfaction in my job is when I see how the kids are thirsty to meet the world and all it can give them, chasing their dreams and that is why I try to feed their interest to explore the world around them.

Mihaela Mihneva

Bulgarian language


My name is Mihaela Mihneva. I have graduates in Germany with a degree in Education and Scandinavian languages. At the moment I study International and comparative education in the University of Stockholm. I have experience as a teacher in international children centres in Germany, Norway and Bulgaria. I have been teaching Bulgarian as a foreign language to children and adults. My interests vary from education, creativity, emotional intelligence and responsible parenting.

Darina Philipova

Bulgarian geography and history


My name is Darina Philipova and I have a degree in Early childhood education from the High educational institution in Shumen. After I moved to Sweden I got a degree in Montessori education from the University in Stockholm.

I have experience in both Bulgaria and Sweden as a teacher and early educational teacher assistant in pre-schools and elementary schools.

Denitsa Dencheva

Bulgarian folklore


My name is Denitsa Dencheva. I have graduated the Natioanl Academy for theatre and film industry “Krastio Sarafov”, Sofia, with a specialty in Drama theatre acting. Professional experience as an actress I got in Drama theatre “Adriana Budevska”, Bourgas, where I took parts in plays for adults and children, for 5 years. I have worked in Bulgaria in children theatre schools for different age groups. Since 2019 I am part of First Bulgarian School – Stockholm where I teach Bulgarian folklore.


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