Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enrol my child into the Bulgarian school?

You can enrol your child/children to attend the Bulgarian school by filling in the online registration form. You can also contact the management team by phone or e-mail or you can find us on Facebook – First Bulgarian School – Stockholm.

When is the deadline for submitting a registration application?

Because the school year´s planning is starting already in June, it is highly recommended that the child/children are enrolled until end May. You can, of course, fill in the application form any time of the year but since all textbooks and writing books are specially ordered, there are no guarantees that the child will have access to all the necessary educational materials.

Are there any school fees?

Yes, there are school fees due every semester.For one child the fee is 1500 Swedish kronas and 1200 Swedish kronas for every subsequent child.

Where and when are the lessons held?

All lessons take place in Allaktivitetshuset at Sturegatan 10, Sundbyberg.

How can I pay the school fee?

You can pay the school fee by making a direct transfer to the Bulgariska Kulturföreningen to Bankgiro number 156-8344 or you can use Swish: 123 230 3824.

How can I become a member of Bulgariska Kulturföreningen?

You can enrol as a member in the föreningen by contacting the director of the Bulgarian school Mariya Kostadinova by phone or e-mail. Information can be found in the menu Contacts.

What extra-curriculum activities does the school organise?

Simultaneously with the lessons, a choir group and a dance group is being run. Their activities are also held every Saturday at Allaktiviteshuset in Sundbyberg.

Are there any age restrictions when enrolling my child?

There are no age restrictions in order to enrol a child in the school. Our youngest students are aged 3 years and our eldest – 12 years old.

Does my child need to know Bulgarian before enrolling?

No, there are no specific requirements that a child knows Bulgarian language in order to be able to attend the school.

How are the children divided into groups?

All children are divided by their knowledge of Bulgarian language, not by age. Therefore, in a group, there can be children aged 5 and 7 and still use the same textbook and writing book.

What subjects are being taught in the school?

In the Bulgarian school we teach Bulgarian language, Bulgarian geography and history and Bulgarian folklore.

How can I get in contact with the teacher?

In the menu Contacts you can find all teachers´ e – mail addresses and get in contact directly with them. You can also phone or mail the director of the school who will transfer your request to the teachers.

I would like to be included in the school´s parental board. How do I do that?

Of course, everyone that wants to be part of the school process is more than welcome to do so. In order to do that, you contact the director of the school, Mariya Kostadinova.

What is included in the school fee?

In the school fee are included all textbooks and writing books, specifically developed for children living abroad and being raised in a multinational environment, as well as all additional educational materials needed for the duration of the school year.