About The School

First Bulgarian School – Stockholm opened its doors for the first time in 2013. The main aim is to give Bulgarian children in Sweden an opportunity to become acquainted with the Bulgarian language and culture, as well as to build new friendships with other Bulgarian children to build and maintain their Bulgarian spirit and identity.

Currently only a small part of the children of all bulgarians living in Sweden attend Bulgarian lessons amd the majority rely on community or private teachers. This, however, is highly inadequate and insufficient in order for the Bulgarian children to feel the Bulgarian culture and traditions and strengthening their Bulgarian spirit.

In the Sunday school children attend lessons in Bulgarian language, Bulgarian geography and history and Bulgarian folklore. Every year the school organises big celebrations: spring time to celebrate Baba Marta, 3rd March and 8th March, 24th May: the day when all Bulgarians celebrate Kiril i Metodii and Christmas. Children have the opportunity to make their own martenitzi as well as survachki. On these special occasions children get to recite, sing and dance. Currently 28 children attend the school and with the current project we aim to work to broaden our audience and reach Bulgarian children from all over Sweden.

The Bulgarian lessons take place in Allaktivitetshuset in Sundbyberg, a community that supports all cultural and educational activities in Sweden.

The current team includes teachers with Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in children education as well as musical teachers with years-long experience.

The Bulgarian school is collaborating with the Bulgarian embassy in Stockholm where a lot of our special events and activities are taking place.

We hope that in time the school will grow and help even more children get acquainted with Bulgarian culture and traditions and maintain a strong identity.

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